The History

Buffalo's Fresh was started by Jack Reid IV (Black Jack)  in April 2020....We aren't just another 3rd party Application that wants a percentage of a restaurant's sale. Buffalo's Fresh provides a service that doubles for customers and restaurants.  Each restaurant is actually our partner we work together to deliver the freshess product possible in a timely fashion.  Our make up is different instead of offering everything to everyone we have forged a bond with the best and organized all of your favorite foods by cuisines. We take our work very seriously by showing pride in service and quality!

"Basically I just wanted to do 

something for my industry friends and give back to the restaurants that we have worked for over the years, by offering a delivery service that looks out for them as well as their customers. One of my mentors once told me he never 

wanted everyone to support his brand 

just wants all of the best people to 

support that's what I want for Buffalo's Fresh!"

-Jack Reid IV


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